Jaime Sturgis Appears on WIOD’s Brian Mudd Show to Discuss South Florida’s Tech and Finance Push

The Native Realty CEO was interviewed live by Mudd on Monday, March 15, 2021. Sturgis detailed the different types of businesses that are moving to South Florida as the result of the region’s aggressive recruitment of technology and finance firms. He also discussed restaurant and hospitality owners increasingly relocating to the area.


South Florida’s Tech and Finance Push: What’s Real and What’s Marketing Hype?


Native Realty CEO Jaime Sturgis gives his take on the region’s ability to attract new businesses on WIOD 610 AM



Hear the entire conversation between Brian Mudd and Jaime Sturgis by clicking on this link. The two had a spirited chat about South Florida’s appeal to out-of-state technology firms and finance companies and how much staying power the region will have as a force in both sectors.


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