Jaime Sturgis Discusses COVID-19 Commercial Real Estate Impact with Daily Business Review


The Native Realty CEO provided reporter Lidia Dinkova with insight on how the coronavirus spread is affecting South Florida’s commercial real estate sector. Sturgis believes there will be a short-term impact with transactions being postponed or cancelled, but that the sector should recover relatively quickly.


‘Vacation Without Pay’: South Florida Broker Commissions Next on the Coronavirus Chopping Block


Jaime Sturgis, founder and CEO of Native Realty Co. in Fort Lauderdale, said one deal was postponed but the pipeline is strong



“Still, Sturgis already is looking ahead to the end of the crisis.

“Everybody can’t stay inside forever. At a certain point we have to contain it, adopt standards and practices to live with it or develop a vaccine for it,” he said. “This can’t be a forever situation.”

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