Jaime Sturgis Quoted in Miami Herald Article on South Florida Gyms Thriving

The Native Realty CEO told Miami Herald reporter Rebecca San Juan about the increased demand from gym owners seeking to open new locations in the region as part of San Juan’s article detailing South Florida gyms seeing membership gains during the pandemic.

South Florida gyms pump it up, bucking the national closure trend during COVID-19

Gym rats and exercise buffs are sustaining fitness centers in South Florida as the industry adds muscle during the pandemic

“Jaime Sturgis, CEO of Fort Lauderdale-based Native Realty, said he receives several calls a month from gym owners looking for more space in South Florida, including Crunch and Planet Fitness. Prior to the pandemic, interest was half that, he added.

They recognize that South Florida has a huge advantage over many other markets across the country — its climate.

“If it’s snowing and a good 10 degrees outside, it’s hard to get motivated to get out to the gym. If it’s a static 80 degrees outside, it’s easier to get people through the door” of the gym, Sturgis said. “It’s also swim season year round.”

He added, “It comes down to experiential retail. It’s COVID-resistant.”

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