Jaime Sturgis Quoted in Real Deal Article on Broward County’s Restaurant Emergency Order


The Native Realty CEO discussed Broward’s decision not to impose as harsh restrictions on restaurants as Miami-Dade County in a new Real Deal article. In Broward, an emergency order now restricts restaurants from serving food at 10 p.m. or later.


Restaurateurs to protest restrictions in Miami-Dade. In Broward, it’s a different story


Threefold Cafe owner said there was “mass anger and outrage” across industry earlier this week



“Jaime Sturgis, a broker and property owner in Fort Lauderdale, called Broward’s emergency order “a measured response” that gives business owners the opportunity to do the right things with the “bad actors” being punished appropriately.

“The business community was looking at it as ‘we all shouldn’t be penalized for a few bad actors,’” Sturgis said. “The trust and verify system is the right decision.”

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