Jaime Sturgis Quoted in The Real Deal South Florida Magazine Article


The Native Realty CEO was interviewed about the growing popularity of charter schools as an investment in the new edition of the quarterly magazine. Sturgis is marketing a charter school property in Pompano Beach.


The A+ investment


Beloved by the Florida Governor, charter schools are increasingly seen as a strong investment for which sellers are often getting double what they paid 



“Jaime Sturgis, the CEO of Native Realty in Fort Lauderdale, is currently marketing the Andrews Charter School at 3500 North Andrews Avenue in Pompano Beach for $5.5 million and expects a cap rate of 6.82 percent for the property. He said that investing in charter schools isn’t as risky as it appears. For one, the schools have state funding. Second, while some schools have run into financial trouble like Eagle Arts, charter schools provide publicly available detailed audited financial statements.”

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