Miami Herald Interviews Jaime Sturgis About Popularity of Ghost Kitchens

The Native Realty CEO discussed how South Florida is attracting significant interest from ghost kitchens, which are utilized in areas where delivery ordering is prevalent. Ghost kitchen firm REEF recently announced plans to hire 1,000 people in the region as part of a major expansion.

Ghost kitchens haunt Miami’s dining scene. You may be eating from one and not know it

And in Miami’s cutthroat dining world — with real estate and labor costs soaring — they may be poised to become the future of affordable eateries.

“They’re quicker to open because there’s no front-of-house to deal with,” said Jaime Sturgis, founder and CEO of real estate firm Native Realty Corp. “The concept is, you can get them open sooner. It’s kind of an interesting phenomenon.”

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