Native Management Launch Generates Substantial Media Coverage


Native Realty publicly announced the creation of Native Management, which is equipped to serve owners of all sizes, from mom-and-pop investors with individual properties to institutional firms with portfolios of up to 1 million square feet. The new company will allow Native Realty to operate as a full-service, vertically integrated company.


Native Realty Launches Property Management Company


Jaime Sturgis-led firm creates Native Management with a technology focus and ability to serve a wide range of property owners, from local investors to institutional firms



“The creation and launch of Native Management is a pivotal milestone in the evolution of Native Realty,” Sturgis said. “Many of our competitors have an old-school philosophy about management and stringent minimum requirements for property size. Our technology, flexibility, proactive approach and expertise in managing client expectations position us to quickly gain significant market share.”

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