Native Realty Client Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Featured in Sun Sentinel Article on Fort Lauderdale’s 13th Street Neighborhood


Jaime Sturgis and Native Realty are curating Fort Lauderdale’s 13th Street neighborhood, which was featured in a Sun Sentinel article. The article details the evolution of the neighborhood, which is becoming another cutting-edge urban destination for the city.


13th Street is feeling lucky with new businesses, a new look and a new vibe


Jaime Sturgis-led Native Realty is leading placemaking efforts in the up-and-coming neighborhood


Jaime Sturgis Client Renzo Gracie


“I trusted Jaime Sturgis, my real estate guy [Native Realty Co.] and I really, really like Abby [Laughlin]. I like her vision. I thought it was a good partnership… I think in 2019 and 2020 when those [other] businesses open … we’re going to have the same feel that Fat Village had when it opened. We want to be a street where people come to do things. We hope to get that vibe.”

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