Native Realty Featured in Sun Sentinel Article About Airbnb Properties


Sara Dorfman of Native Realty was featured in a Sun Sentinel deep-dive into the rise of Airbnb properties. Dorfman, who recently brokered a record sale in Fort Lauderdale’s Victoria Park, also details the trend in a video segment.


Airbnb-style rentals are a growing cash cow for developers and owners

In what appears to be an avant garde real estate deal, a four-unit townhome complex used as an Airbnb rental property in Fort Lauderdale’s Victoria Park has been sold for a record $1.65 million.

South Florida real estate agent Sara Dorfman hit the jackpot this month when she arranged the sale of a multi-unit complex in Fort Lauderdale’s Victoria Park for $1.65 million. The chief selling point: The property was set up for vacation home rentals. And the buyer is eager to continue that business.

“We see more investors who are looking to do things this way,” said Dorfman, who works for Native Realty. “I call them the savvy investor.”

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