South Florida Business Journal Interviews Jaime Sturgis About Future of Vacated Lucky’s Market Retail Spaces


The Native Realty CEO was once again asked to share his expertise on what might replace the South Florida Lucky’s Market locations, this time in a South Florida Business Journal article. Lucky’s announced plans to close all Florida stores except for one Melbourne location.


Lucky’s Market closures leave big holes to fill at South Florida retail centers 


Landlords forced to pick up the pieces and find new tenants for Lucky’s locations in South Florida



“Jaime Sturgis, founder and CEO of Fort Lauderdale-based Native Realty, said the next step is for landlords to pick up the pieces and find new tenants for the soon-to-be-vacant storefronts.

Landlords have two options on how to do so: They can find a big-box retailer to fill the space, or they can subdivide the area to accommodate several smaller retailers.”

Click here to read the full article.


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