South Florida Business & Wealth Chats with Jaime Sturgis about Fort Lauderdale’s Real Estate Market


The magazine interviewed Native Realty’s CEO to get his insight about key trends impacting Fort Lauderdale real estate heading into 2021. Sturgis discussed continued activity in the hospitality, retail and office sectors despite the ongoing pandemic.


An inside look at the state of commercial real estate in Fort Lauderdale


Jaime Sturgis of Native Realty gives insight into the state of the market in Broward’s urban core.


“For Jaime Sturgis of Native Realty, this year has been the “Super Bowl for realtors.” The CEO of the Fort Lauderdale-based real estate brokerage says that his team has had to “work five times as hard to produce the same amount of output as we have in prior years for our clients.”

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