Sun Sentinel Interviews Jaime Sturgis About Influx of New York Restaurants


The Native Realty CEO discussed how the pandemic has motivated New York-based owners of restaurants and bars to relocate to South Florida in a new article from Sentinel writer Phillip Valys. Sturgis is working with numerous out-of-state restaurateurs to find new locations here. He represented Asbury Ale House in the New Jersey-based restaurant’s lease at Society Las Olas.


‘What the hell am I still doing in New York?’ Pandemic-weary restaurants migrate to Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach


Restaurant operators follow New York residents in fleeing state for tax-friendly and sunny South Florida


Asbury Ale House


“South Florida’s snowbirds traditionally flock here October through April, fueling the region’s high restaurant season. But the exodus of New Yorkers to Florida threatens to disrupt those migration patterns, says Jaime Sturgis, co-owner of Fort Lauderdale broker Native Realty.

“Many snowbirds I’ve spoken to have established permanent residency, and lots of New York restaurants have told me they have no intentions of going back,” Sturgis says.”

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