Commercial Observer Quotes Jaime Sturgis in Article About Appeal of South Florida Brightline Sites

The Native Realty CEO discussed the potential motivation for Brightline’s owner to market properties near station sites for sale to investors and developers with the national real estate publication. Sturgis noted that Fort Lauderdale’s zoning change has increased the density a developer could build next to the city’s Brightline station.

Despite Shutdown, Brightline Still Drives South Florida’s ‘Rail Estate’ Market

A pandemic-driven suspension of the Brightline train service has endured for more than a year, yet it hasn’t derailed real estate investment near its South Florida stations



“Perhaps this is an opportune time to sell off some of these investments and create some liquidity,” said Jaime Sturgis, CEO of Native Realty in Fort Lauderdale. “Closing for COVID has been painful, I’m sure. There’s a lot of fixed overhead that goes into an operation as large as what they’ve done.”

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