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Jaime Sturgis of Native Realty Co. featured on


South Florida cities, known for spring break and seniors, are transforming


In the midst of makeovers, downtown Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton are becoming more dense and walkable

“Fort Lauderdale has quietly been happening for quite a while,” says Jaime Sturgis, a local developer and founder of Native Realty. “Lauderdale has a lot of culture now, and we’re seeing a lot of people move here from Miami.”

Sturgis’ portfolio—Flagler Uptown, with a brewery and art gallery, and the Hive, which boasts a retro arcade bar and yoga studio—scream upward millennial market. But the city’s also been matching lifestyle development with new companies. General Provision, a tech hub and coworking space, hosts workers from tech mainstays, the region’s startup scene is growing, and the much-hyped augmented reality company Magic Leap is based in a nearby suburb.


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