Jaime Sturgis Shares Insights on Retailer’s Bankruptcy Filing with Daily Business Review


The Native Realty CEO is featured in the publication’s article on what might happen to the Forever 21 stores that will be closed following the retailer’s bankruptcy filing. Sturgis weighed in on potential new tenants that could take over some of the large retail spaces.


Forever 21’s Bankruptcy Filing Opens Door to Redevelopment of Vacated Space


The fast fashion clothing and accessories retailer will close a third of its U.S. stores, which brokers say could make way for offices, medical marijuana facilities, esports or housing



“Sturgis, founder and CEO of Native Realty Co. in Fort Lauderdale, said no one had contacted him yet about Forever 21 space, but “there’s a lot of different options. Some are conventional and some are outside the box.”

Forever 21′s average 38,000-square-foot store size, high ceilings, electrical supply and lack of windows make the spaces well-suited for grow houses and esports, Sturgis said.

Esports are live competitive multiplayer video gaming events that draw large crowds.”

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