Jaime Sturgis Chats with Sun Sentinel About Northeast Buyers Competing with South Floridians for New Homes


The Native Realty Founder and CEO spoke with Sun Sentinel reporter David Lyons about the activity he is seeing from Northeasterners in both the commercial and residential real estate sectors. Lyons delved into rising prices and how it is impacting the ability of buyers to find homes.


Homebuyers face stiff competition in South Florida as northerners arrive — with cash


As homebuyers jostle for a dwindling supply of houses in South Florida, local bidders are finding themselves in a growing competition with out-of-state people who are offering cash on the spot



“Jaime Sturgis, CEO and founder of Native Realty in Fort Lauderdale, a commercial real estate firm, said most of his clients are “by and large from New York,” with others coming from New Jersey and California.

“Many are permanently relocating their headquarters down here,” he said. “We’re also seeing a fair amount that are moving down here for investments, as well, in both residential and commercial.”

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